Sup. I'm Liz Una Kim.

I was born in Montreal, mostly raised in Southern California, and am now based in New York City. Everyone seems to be labeling themselves as "storytellers" these days and I'm unfortunately one of them.

I graduated from NYU where I studied Media, Culture and Communication (and nightlife). I found myself happiest when working on projects related to tech, creative writing and journalism, and discovered my love for digital media while writing for the first student–run digital blog, NYU Local. Before I was a jaded digital chick, I did time in print; Fashion Editorial at Vanity Fair and Art/Covers Department at The New Yorker. Then the internet happened and I'm now a Marketing Manager at BuzzFeed.

I also love to dance. I'm currently a workstudy student at Broadway Dance Center specializing in hiphop and dancehall. Always down to boogie!

TL;DR: I'm Liz. I'm a visual learner and story teller, and I dance a lot.